Looking Forward – 2012

Well, as nice as it is to look back, it’s important to always keep looking forward! And 2012 holds some great new adventures!

In the short term, next Tuesday is our first field trip of the year! Our original plans got changed because of the flooding situation, so we’ve been scrambling to find alternative plans. We are going to be heading to a Mexican restaurant for our students to experience “authentic” Mexican cuisine to compliment our upcoming unit on Latin America. It should be lots of fun!

We also have several days off coming up. At the end of March, there is a three day week so that people can attend a teachers’ conference. I am not going to the conference because I have to read four books and write a paper before the end of the year to fulfil my contract agreement (because I did not take a Christian Philosophy of Education course at university – I went to a secular university). That long weekend is my dedicated paper writing time.

The week after that, we have a four day week because of Chakri Memorial Day (Friday) and the following week is a three day week: Monday is a new holiday (just found out about it yesterday! something that would never happen so fast in North America, but a lovely side perk of being in Thailand! holidays, holidays, holidays… popping up out of nowhere!) and Friday is the first day of our Songkran break. The following week is completely off for Songkran. When we come back, there’s only a month and a half left of school! Time is going to fly by… We also have another field trip to a Thai museum in there, too.

I have my flights booked to be home in Canada. I leave Bangkok June 1st and get back at the end of July. I have a few things booked to do with my family already, but for the most part, this time will be for fundraising and getting ready for coming back.

I am already busy working away on Impact School of Missions (ISM) things, and am getting SO excited as we get closer and closer to our opening term this September! We have already accepted five students so far, and things are moving forward every day!

Well, I am off now to continue enjoying my holiday today (oh yes, did I mention that today is ALSO a holiday?!) by getting caught up on work for ICS, ISM and Thai class. It’s always nice to have a day off when you have a lot to do – a nice chance to get caught up on things! 🙂

Have a great day!

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