Looking Back – 2011

Well, it’s already the middle of January, but it’s not too late to look back at some of the highlights of 2011 – most of which went unblogged!

2011 saw two trips from family to visit me here in Bangkok. My dad came through on his “world tour” in April, and my whole family came for the first two weeks of July. This time together was so special! Thankfully, my apartment is large enough that we were able to find room for us all to stay here together for the two weeks. We squeezed a lot of fun into those two weeks, and didn’t even need to leave Bangkok! Cooking class, museums, good food, grocery shopping, … It was really special to be able to share things that are a part of my normal life now with my family!

2011 also saw me travelling a bit, too! In June, I went on the PAOC SEA retreat to Phuket, Thailand, and had a really wonderful time connecting with missionaries from all over the region. I loved hearing their stories, and just really enjoyed being with Canadians for awhile!

After my family left in July, I went to Malawi to visit my great friends, the Buzikievich family. Connie and Dave run the Village of Hope Malawi, and I really enjoyed seeing the facility and helping out a bit. It really was just so fun to spend time with everyone after so long…

Last of all, I managed to travel home to Canada for the Christmas holidays – and only my sister and friend knew I was coming! It was the perfect surprise! I still can’t believe how perfectly the entire trip went. I even got to go to Florida to spend time with my grandparents, and my uncle and his family! It was such a special trip!

2011 also saw me “almost home” for Thanksgiving with my family, thanks to Skype. My aunt and her family were visiting for the holiday, and I was able to Skype in several times for a couple of hours of “being home.” After Thanksgiving dinner, they set up the laptop in the living room and sitting here in Bangkok, it really was almost like being there – listening to the conversations flow, watching people interact, … It was a very special holiday!

2011 was filled with many other great memories and learning opportunities – too many to list here! I can’t believe how much has changed in my life over the last couple of years… It makes me excited to see what 2012 has in store!

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