July In Review

So, here’s a little overview of my summer, which was packed full of wonderful things!

After teaching summer school for three weeks, I went to Phuket for a few days for the PAOC South East Asia regional retreat. It was absolutely wonderful! I got to catch up with people I’ve met before from all over the region, and I got to meet many (many, many) new people, too! It was really inspiring to hear everyone’s stories and what they are doing now. I enjoyed the speaking and worshipping in English with fellow PAOC people. I also enjoyed that the retreat had a lot of time built in for just socializing and talking with each other. I left feeling really refreshed, and with a better picture of what all the people in the region are working on. 🙂

A day or two after I got back, my family arrived for a two week visit. It was absolutely wonderful!!! I can’t believe all the things we did in such a short period of time! We had time for chatting, playing games, touring cultural places, going to cooking school, and a bunch of other things. It was just really such a special time for me to spend with them… I kept looking around everywhere we went and thinking, “I can’t believe they’re really here!!!!”


After they left, I had about two days to wait before leaving for Malawi to visit the Buzikievich family – lifelong friends. But… I’ll have to leave Malawi for another post!

Have a wonderful day!

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