Be Prepared! (For a Variety of Random Comments)

In my fourth year history seminar on British imperialism, I had to write a paper about the cultural significance of the Boy Scout movement on British colonies. One of the little facts that stuck in my head better than others is that Baden-Powell actually chose the motto “Be Prepared” because it was his initials. Not a coincidence – he started with his initials and then decided “Be Prepared” would work alright… I think he had a bit of an inflated ego… but it’s been awhile since I read the book, so I could be mistaken! 😛

As I write this, the I Love Lucy episode with Charles Boyer is on my television. It’s only just dawned on me that this episode is based on the same gag as the Dore Schary episode – Lucy hires a “random actor” to play the role of Charles Boyer and Dore Schary and the gag gets flipped on her when she finds out the person she hired is the man himself. It’s a pretty funny gag…

I sang along in Thai to every song except “Church on Fire” at church today, because that one is WAY too fast (although I managed to get a few lines by the final repeat).

I met an 8yr old today and I think she was afraid of me. I’ve never had a child react like that before – it was weird. Maybe she was just tired from the long plane ride here (from Canada). She kept staring at me and shying away ever time I smiled, and wouldn’t sit next to me in the pew at church.

I can’t believe how many guitar chords I can remember now! I’m up to probably 10 or 12! Not that I can play them all well, and I still have at least two beats pause before I get my fingers right for an F chord, but I’m progressing… 🙂 and enjoying the pastime.

Dad comes on Friday! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!

I watched the movie Persuasion last night at a friend’s house. It was absolutely HILARIOUS!!! It is my favourite Jane Austen book (I’ve read 4 so far) and the movie did such a good job of playing up the hilarious characteristics of the characters. If you’re looking for a good read, this would be one I’d recommend. It’s different from the other ones I’ve read because S&S, P&P and Emma are all about young girls and matchmaking, and Persuasion is all about a girl who turned down a man eight years ago and so is older now and regretting that decision. I love Anne Elliot – a great main character.

The grade 2 class at school is fundraising all year to buy chicks for orphans in Africa (I think…) and the latest idea they’re doing is having teachers paint plates for a silent auction. A parent donated the plates, and a bunch of teachers are all painting whatever they want to on them – it’s amazing how well they are turning out! I’ve got my eye on one or two I’d like for myself! Here’s the plate I painted (click on it to see the detail):

Life is good right now. Not perfect, but it never is – what’s good is learning to be content and constant in the reality of everyday life. And slowly but surely, I’m getting there. Every day is another step in the right direction, another shot at nurturing and growing the “adult” I know I should be and taming and training the “child” still inside me…

The audio for this Lucy episode said “Academy Award” and the Spanish subtitles said “Oscar”.

I moved things around in my kitchen – I keep trying to make it feel “right”, but it’s still not there yet… At least everything is put away. I’ve just got one little pile of papers in my spare room left to put away somewhere logical, and then everything is nicely where it belongs.

Scholastic book orders for March and April are out and I’m going to order book #1 in the new Rick Riordan series – the Kane Chronicles (or something like that). Other books are good, but his I just can’t put down!

I need to email my landlord to see about putting up some artwork on the walls. I bought some student artwork at a charity auction that is really quite nice, and it’d be a good touch to get it up on the walls (once I get it framed – but I don’t want to invest in that if I can’t put nails in the walls).

Well, it’s time to head to bed, I think. 🙂 Have a good week!

Final random comment – this post was actually going to be a serious post about some stuff I’ve been thinking about with regards to the idea of being prepared for what God has called you to do down the road, but as it turns out, I’m too tired to put those thoughts into words well right now. I’ll have to do that later… 🙂

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