Someone’s Getting Excited…

… that would be ME!!! And I am getting excited because…

Dad’s coming to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t WAIT to see a family member in person again! 😛 Seriously, I am SO excited!!! He’s really just passing through on business, but I get two weekends and I am absolutely THRILLED to see him again! 😀


Okay… moving on…

My Thai is coming along well, though of course, mostly what I see is room for improvement… When push comes to shove, I’m actually becoming quite capable of communicating. I feel like I’m adding to my vocabulary daily, and my reading and writing are moving forward, too! On Tuesday, I officially learned the short vowels and am currently working on committing another two sets of tone rules to memory. I learned that in most cases, two consonants with no written vowel have an assumed short /o/, which is a pretty handy piece of information! The last thing Thai is, is phonetic. BUT the good news is that as you learn the rules, things start to make sense.

I’m continuing to enjoy church and am learning new words there every week. I can officially read and sing along to almost all songs at church (super fast ones excepted), and understand more and more of the words each time through. I’m attending a Thai cell group on Saturdays, too, which has been such a great opportunity to meet more Thai people in a Thai context. A couple of them want to work on their English, but for the most part, they’re pretty good at not speaking too much English to me… 🙂 I’m working on understanding what I hear, but hope to work up the nerve to speak more soon!

It’s kind of funny, but I feel like all of my mental language organizers have completely broken down and when I’m on the spot or even just thinking to myself, I literally end up with English, French, Spanish, Thai and even Nepali words all jumbled up together. The other day, my teacher was asking me questions trying to get me to use the word purse, and I just sat there thinking, “I know it’s not jolaa, I know it’s not jolaa…..” It’s pretty neat that I remember ANY Nepali, as that was not a particularly successful venture… 😛 It’s also pretty neat how once something is in your brain, it must stay there somewhere – I took 3 years of Spanish in high school (enough to learn all the tenses and read a novel), but haven’t taken any since then. I leave the Spanish subtitles on while watching I Love Lucy, and I can’t believe how much I still understand…

Oooh! I just heard thunder! I’m hoping for an early start to the rainy season, because it’s my favourite, but I know it’s too early for that. I’ll take the odd storm here and there, though! 😀

I went swimming with my class the other day. It was the last day of the swimming unit, so teachers were invited to join their classes. I’m so glad I did – it was such a relaxing and fun time to spend with my kids.

Here’s a picture I edited the other night. To make it clear, Harley and I were in one picture, and Marilyn and the horse were in another – she was standing behind the horse in such a way that just a little cropping to get rid of the rest of the horse made it look temptingly realistic… 😛

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about callings and God and everything, especially recently. I was going to share some things, but I can’t get them out in a way that satisfies me yet. I hate being misunderstood or having to defend myself against attacks on a certain choice of words, so I’ll wait until I’ve figured it out better… but I’m really excited with what God is doing in my thinking and perspective right now… God truly is amazing and awe-inspiring…

Well, I’m exhausted. I’ve been ploughing through some fun lesson planning and working on some curriculum alignment things to prep for next year and have had a super productive day. Now I think I’m going to do something mindless… maybe update my website… it’s been awhile…

Anyway, I’m off. I hope you have a great day!

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