A Quick Thought About Boxes

I know I am a pretty linear and organized thinker, but I also fancy myself a tad creative in certain areas, and certainly willing to think outside the box in order to get things done. Not the most creative person, I know, but certainly more flexible and creative than I used to be (?).

Anyway… the point is…

Yesterday, I discovered there are boxes I live inside that I don’t even know about!

My friend’s didi taught us how to make a Tibetan dumpling soup yesterday. I watched her mix up the flour and water, and roll it out into a large, flat circle. She picked up a knife and proceeded to cut the dough into strips (and ultimately into squares).

As I was watching, I noticed her lines weren’t ruler-straight (not a problem, I was just watching carefully). Finally, she ended up with one strip of dough that was thin enough for one square at the top and gradually widened to twice as wide at the bottom. I wondered what she would do about it and briefly sorted through the options – leave it and have some squares larger than others, or cut it down the middle and have some squares smaller than others…

I watched her hold her knife over the row and think about her next move.

Finally, she placed the knife down halfway along the row – at the point where it finally got wide enough for two squares – and proceeded to cut only half of the strip in half again.

I have to be honest – that option never occurred to me. In my mind, I had to cut the whole strip, or leave the whole strip – cutting only half of it wasn’t even an option…

And it was at that moment when I realized that I live inside boxes I don’t even know exist.

I don’t know that I necessarily have a problem with that – I just think it’s important to recognize it and stay aware of how those boxes may show up in my life from time to time, and to deal with them accordingly…

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