Yesterday, my students were working around the classroom in small groups. I was working at my desk listening to the buzz of excited students working when I saw one of my Korean students, a pretty active boy with a goofy side that makes me smile, come up to my desk and stand there quietly (not normal for him! the quiet part, that is…)…

“Miss Jessica, you know North and South are fighting again, yea?”

“I know buddy, I read it in the news…”

“It’s because of nuclear. It’s bad, and they’re not supposed to have it, but North has it anyway.”

“I know…. How do you feel about that?”

“I have never been to Korea yet. I was born in Thailand, and so my citizenship is, like, Korea and Thailand. And if Korea is no more then… just Thailand!”

“You’d like to go see Korea, wouldn’t you?”


“I will pray that God will take care of what is happening and make everything turn out alright, okay?”


As hard as the world is to figure out when you’re an adult, it is ever so much harder to understand when you’re only ten. You understand that something big is going on, something that is threatening your home country and is worrying your parents, but the details are over your head…

So, if you feel led to, please offer up a prayer for Korea, and another one up for a boy who just wants his homeland to be okay…

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