A Day In My Life Now…

I’m pretty sure I’ve done “day in my life” posts before (or I think the Nepali one was in the newsletter), so I think I’ll do another one just as an FYI…

On school days, I wake up at 6:00 and usually get up at the same time. I can’t afford to fall back asleep!!! I’m a creature of habit, so here is exactly what happens every morning: Alarm goes off, I turn it off, I get up and go to the bathroom, I get my breakfast of bread with peanut butter and jam and cold tea (usually), I take it to my computer (on my coffee table by my couch) and eat while I am checking my email. Then, I go and get dressed quickly and go back to my couch to do my face. I usually try to do two things at once – checking my Google Reader while doing my face – but in all honesty, there is no way to do eyeliner and eyeshadow while reading… So this takes quite awhile. On most days, I leave my apartment at 6:50 (unless I need to buy a coffee and then I leave at 6:45) and go straight to staff devotions. We have a warning bell that rings at 6:55 and devotions start at 7:00.

Mondays are worship days when we sing. Tuesdays are prayer as a group (for various school related things). Wednesdays are new staff testimonial days. Thursdays are prayer with your prayer partner days. Fridays are whole staff devotions.

Those finish at 7:12 and then we go to pick up our kids and start the day!

School ends at 2:20 and we have to wait with our classes until all of the kids are picked up (or until 2:40). We stay at school until 3:00 and then can leave.

Most days I go out and buy my dinner on the street, along with a fresh coconut smoothy (less than a dollar…), and then go home, because I like to minimize the up-and-downing on four flights of stairs…

Evenings are, by default, spent writing to people, lesson planning and marking (which I love), reading (currently Anne of Avonlea), cleaning my apartment and trying to stay on top of everything – all, of course, with I Love Lucy playing in the background! Sometimes I crank my music and dance around my room, too.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Thai class on Skype for an hour. I love taking Thai, my teacher is fantastic, and I really enjoy the class time. I know I could probably be learning faster, and feel like I should be, if I spent more time studying outside of class, but I need to step back and remember that for all of everything else going on that demands my time and energy, I am doing pretty well.

Here, this is my very first story in Thai! (It may not be perfect, but I did check it over…)

It says “Today we made Thai food. Dad threw up, so Mom took him to see the doctor.” [picture is now missing]

Yesterday when I was in the photocopy room, a Thai teacher was copying a story for her primary class to read, so I asked if I could see a copy and try to read it. Then, in front of the Thai teacher and another Thai staff member, I read the whole thing out loud! I made some mistakes, of course, and didn’t understand all of it, but I did read it. I’m not sure if I’m more proud of the fact that I could read it, or that I actually DID it in front of Thai people! I think that makes up for the fact that the day before I walked past one Thai teacher four times before I finally just chickened out of asking her a question in Thai. The Thai teachers are all super nice, but it’s just intimidating… Yesterday went well, though. I sent the Thai teacher a little note saying thanks in Thai and she responded, so I feel like I am definitely making progress. Not as fast as if I was just here taking language full time, but pretty well for working full time, too. 🙂

Sometimes the girls in the building do stuff on Wednesday nights, and sometimes I join in for that. It’s fun to just get together with everyone else and play games, or go for dinner, or whatever the agenda for the evening is! Sometimes, though, I just need to be home and quiet – if it’s been a long day, or if I have things that need to get done, it’s not fun to go out and do other stuff.

So that’s a normal work week. Saturdays are always “whatever” days – if I need to go out, I do, if I don’t then I don’t! 🙂 Sundays I leave for church around 9:40 and service starts at 10:30 and goes til about 12:30. Then I go for lunch at Beirut with a good book, and then get coffee at Starbucks and just sit there and read as long as I want to. Such a peaceful day…

Obviously there are plenty of other things that fill in all the cracks. I feel like I’m always doing something or getting ready to do something, but that’s as it should be. I really don’t like the feeling of having wasted time, or of killing time when you have something you should be working on…!

(By the way, does anybody else think of the Phantom Tollbooth every time they hear the phrase “killing time”? I need to find that book to read to my students. The one I’m reading now they seem to enjoy but I think is a bit over their heads…?)

That’s all for now! I’m off… I hope you all have a great day!

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