Small Triumphs

This week, I memorized the second line of the Thai national anthem (no, I don’t know the first one yet – the rhythm keeps throwing me off…), learned how to say “if I am going to ____, who/what should I bring with me?”, asked a street vendor at what times they open and close, explained to a friend some Thai words that change meanings depending on the tone and earned a smile and a thumbs up from the taxi driver, and wrote the words “Jessica” and “Bangna” (where we live) in Thai to show to my teacher over Skype. I felt like a little kid who’d written their name for the first time showing it to their mum with a huge smile – “Look what I wrote, Ladawan! It’s my name!!!” – holding my white board up to my computer screen… 🙂

(I’m sure my printing looks like a little kid’s, too, but I’m learning…!)

I am bound and determined to keep moving forward in my language acquisition! 😀

This week’s goals: keep plugging away at the national anthem, find a way to ask a “if I go ___, what should I bring?” question to a Thai person without sounding like a dork (how often does THAT come up in conversation while ordering dinner? haha), and see if I can find the church songs we sing in Thai somewhere so I can practice singing along… 🙂

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