One Month To Go…

I know I need to post about last weekend when I went to Chitwan, but it’s past 10:00 and it’s a school night, and I’m so tired that I should’ve been asleep quite awhile ago! Chitwan will have to wait because I want to do it justice… it was just such an amazing experience – a beautiful (and needed) retreat from Kathmandu. 🙂

I’ve got less than one month now, til I go home for three weeks.

Here’s what I’ll miss about Nepal (in no particular order):

  •  my students (honestly, they’re a great group of kids…)
  • all my new friends here (co-workers, housemates, …)
  • dhal baht (though I’m hopefully going to get a cooking lesson next weekend so I can make my own when I get home!)
  • saris and kurtas!!! These are what makes KTM beautiful! (haha)
  • having everything I need within a five minute walk
  • fresh lemon soda (though I’ve got plans to make this myself at home – it’s not like it’s hard to do or anything! haha)

Things I am looking forward to at home:

  • hugs!!!
  • processed lunch meat
  • air conditioning
  • power 24/7 on demand (what a novelty!)
  • having the biggest spiders in my room still smaller than my pinky toe nail (as opposed to 4″ across…) (shiver…)
  • good coffee (not instant…)
  • buying new shoes and pants
  • going to my own church again
  • seeing familiar faces and hearing familiar voices
  • playing games with my family (especially Scrabble!)

Things I’m looking forward to in Bangkok:

  • already knowing my way around (incl. being able to tell a taxi driver where I want to go!)
  • already knowing some of the language (and I can’t WAIT to learn more!)
  • street food
  • fruit and veg that’s immediately edible (after washing, as opposed to having to be iodined first) – and available on the street ready-to-eat is even better!
  • having my own flat (yikes! just one of many “side effects” of living internationally and being surrounded mostly by British and Australian people… I’ve also taken to writing “mum” and actually referred to having gone to “uni” in conversation today… I haven’t lost my Canadian accent, though!)
  • knowing that I’ll be in the same place for two years – actually being able to feel settled and at home again…
  • already having friends there
  • and, of course, teaching! Meeting new students, new co-workers… getting to know a new school…

I’m sure there are lots of other things for all of the lists, but these are what comes to mind first. Now it’s time to close my eyes and get ready for another week… 🙂

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