My First Birthday Away From Home

Well, this week, I celebrated my first birthday away from home, and I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

Usually the bulk of our birthday celebrations is family oriented. I usually choose what I’d like for dinner and what activity I’d like to do, and then we do that as a family. So, I wasn’t too sure how I would feel spending my birthday on the other side of the world from them…

However, my day turned out absolutely wonderfully!

First of all, my teaching day at school was fantastic! Honestly, God has blessed me with such wonderful students. They make teaching such a great experience…

In the afternoon, we were invited (the grade 5/6 class) to go to the American school here to preview their school production, The Boy Friend. That took all afternoon, and while the musical was quite well done, I was mostly just so proud of my class! They were a fantastic audience, and when we had to get up to leave about 20 min early, they not only left the auditorium silently and orderly, they left the whole building silently and then used only their quiet voices til we left the whole compound. I was SO impressed!

For that evening, I’d made reservations at a nice restaurant that is relatively new in town. It’s called Aalishan and has “Indian and Oriental” cuisine, and I thought it looked like a good place to check out.
I had such a great time! My friends from the guest house, Bible study, and KISC all came (well, most of them did) and it was such a fun and relaxing time! There were 14 of us in all, and it was neat to just sit at the table and look at all the people in my life who are now important to me that I didn’t even know a few months ago. Pretty much everybody there (one guy I just recently met) has made a real impact on me in some way and having them around on my birthday (or anytime really – a birthday’s just an excuse…) made the day feel special. 🙂

After that, many of us went back to the guest house and Emily had made one of the best carrot cakes I’ve ever had! It had pineapple in it, and such a yummy icing! We chatted for awhile, and then a few of us stayed up to watch an episode of Star Trek TNG.

All in all, it was a super great day!

And now I’m 24.

And waiting to see what unexpected things the next year will hold!

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