It’s Getting Busy Around Here!

Monday is the Big Day when we get to start actually teaching our classes. I’ve been in and out of the room a bit this week, as my schedule would allow, and think this looks like a great group of students to work with!

Tomorrow is my last language class. I put a good effort forth, but with all of the other new information to process and remember, Nepali is not sticking nearly so well as Thai did (and continues to!). I’m glad there is a whole lot more English here than there was in Bangkok!

Tomorrow is full of meetings to try to complete the induction training and classroom handover. I’m looking forward to feeling like I’ve got a better handle on things – namely, to having the materials to start lesson planning. This is going to be a great term!

Also, I’ve joined a band! Well, it’s the CEO of the school, and three of us new teachers (Simon, Emily and myself). During the Tuesday/Thursday assemblies, we’re going to play some worship songs (like stuff we did at Kids Church). We did our first this morning, and it turned out quite well (especially because we only had one short practice!). I think this is going to be lots of fun!

So… considering I’ve only been here two weeks, I’ve certainly done a lot, and got involved in quite a lot!

I feel like I had so much more to say, but I’ve either forgotten it, or there really isn’t more to say right now… 😛 I’m off to enjoy some dinner, and hope you have a wonderful day!

(boy, readying this over, it sure doesn’t look like much, considering how busy things have been and are going to get… Simon posted another great blog that will fill you in on more of the details of what we’ve all been up to!)

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