Another Weekend Has Arrived…

We went to Nepali church this morning. Every week, after worship, they ask all of the first time visitors who haven’t heard the Gospel message to go into another room where they are presented with the basics of Christianity and given a chance to become a Christian, if they wish. Evidently, this is a key factor in why the church is getting so big! Just something to consider…

I’m feeling quite “off” in many regards today (didn’t sleep well, sore and achy, missing home, etc), so I would really appreciate your prayers for that. Thanks.

I’ve got my teaching assignments for this term, and I am SO excited! I’m doing grade 6 math and Collins (a specific program of Language Arts), grade 5/6 grammar and art and World Around Us (history/geography), one component of grade 4 language arts, grade 4 World Around Us, and grade 1 math. I am so excited to get cracking on the prep work!

We went to a market-type area this afternoon and I got a few blanket-type things – one for warmth, the other because it’s the two most beautiful colours in the world and I’ve never seen anyone put them together before – and a few souvenirs for people back home (and a bag for myself).

I found a couple cans of Diet Coke while we were out, and treated myself to two. Diet is super hard to find here, so I’ve gone cold turkey off pop completely (not that it was hard to do). When you do see it, it’s usually quite a bit more expensive than regular, so I don’t buy it. But this was fairly good, so…

I should straighten my room and close my eyes for a bit before dinner. I’ve started reading Sense and Sensibility, and am loving every page of it!

Have a great day!

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