I’m Here!

I am here, safe and sound. The Internet is not quite as easy to use right now as I’m used to, so I’ve been using my time online to email home, and that’s about it. That, and I’ve fallen into the company of a whole bunch of extremely friendly and fun people, and it’s hard to think about blogging when you’re standing on top of a roof looking at the Himalayas, or learning to fence with friends in your front yard (learning to fence in your front yard with friends?). Or learning your way around a new school and city, of course. I’ve been doing that, too! I start language classes tomorrow. I only have two weeks because I’m just here six months, but that should be enough to hold me over. There is much more English here than in Thailand.

I’m probably going to cut and paste a few paragraphs from emails home and post them here sometime soon. I was going to upload a few photos, but that’s taking far too long.

It’s WAY past my bedtime, so I must be off for now.

Have a super great day! 🙂

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