A Short Update

Well, it’s Tuesday again – how did that happen??? I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by!

Tonight we didn’t go to the bars because we were hosting a really nice couple who is visiting the region and planning to come as missionaries. I love all of the new people I’m meeting not just being in Bangkok, but also because I’m here with Peter and Sandra, and they get LOTS of visitors! We also had another young couple (well, young as in exactly my age…) come and stay here this weekend. I really hope that my path will cross with each of the people I’ve met here again – it is so exciting to see how God is working in so many people in so many different ways.

Last Thursday and Friday I started a baking class with the girls at NightLight (12 girls signed up making two classes of six). On Thursday, we made cookies and on Friday, we made brownies. They had so much fun, and everything turned out well, too! A NightLight volunteer took many pictures of the whole process, so I only have a few pictures of the end of the brownie day.

Both Saturday and Sunday afternoons, I actually slept! This is big news, because I do not nap easily! However, at about 3:00 Friday afternoon, I felt like all of a sudden, all of the past six weeks of activity finally caught up with me. In an instant, I was so incredibly exhausted – I thought I would fall asleep right there in the kitchen at NightLight! Wow… I’m still trying to shake it off now, but it was so great to be able to take it easy this weekend. I curled up on the couch and dozed and was able to let myself sink into such a beautiful sleep – what a great feeling! 🙂

Speaking of which, I think I’m ready for bed now – tomorrow’s another busy day! I’m doing the morning devotion at NightLight (it’s on the theme of God Encounters, and I’m talking about Martin Luther’s “tower experience” – maybe more on that later). I also have to go pick up my passport and visa for our trip to India next week! And of course, being Wednesday, I’ve got my ESL class at NightLight, too. It should be a fun day! 🙂

I’m off now! Good night!

PS – stay tuned for a blog all about NightLight – the ministry, the girls, the product and HOW YOU CAN HELP in a very practical and meaningful way!!!!!!!!!!!

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