Is It the End of September Already???

Wow – I can’t believe it’s the end of September already! This month has definitely flown by…

ESL at NightLight went really well on Wednesday – I had fun, and I think the content was appropriate. They are a fun group of people (just a small group – 2 main people and a few ‘floaters’ from week to week), and I must say, I really do enjoy working with them!

Thursday, I had to miss my language class because my taxi didn’t come. We called the company, but they said they couldn’t send one at all because they were all busy in the rain. That is a difference between here and Canada, I think – at home, if you call a taxi, they ALWAYS tell you it’s coming, but it may be a very long wait. Here, they tell you “20 minutes”, “20 minutes” and then “no taxi”. Woah… So, I stayed home and worked, and then managed to get to NightLight for the afternoon.

Today, I went to language class and had a blast! I spent the afternoon doing some research at NightLight, and then came home. Both yesterday and today, I had dinner with our neighbours and watched a movie. Now, I’m ready for bed – and whatever the weekend has to offer!

I’ve got some interesting potential ministry activities on the horizon (something else do to at NightLight, etc.) and I’m hoping those pan out!

Have a great night! 🙂

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