What a Weekend!!!

On Saturday, I went with another missionary family here (the one that lives next door), and a friend who’s visiting them, to see the Grand Palace and Reclining Buddha. We took the SkyTrain and switched to the other line, which I’d never done before. Of course, it’s the exact same, only it’s purple themed rather than green. 😛 Then, we took a boat to the right area, and then walked the rest of the way to the Grand Palace.

We hired a tour guide, and I’m glad we did – he was really quite interesting, and we also got some group photos (which weren’t on my camera, so I’ll need to remember to ask for them!). We saw the Emerald Buddha, which is actually jade, and it was neat because even though you couldn’t take pictures inside, you could take pictures through the large window.

Also, because of the rain the night before, some of the pieces of glass used to make all of the mosaics fell off and were lying on the ground. I would have missed them completely were it not for our tour guide, who picked them up and gave them to us as souvenirs! Cool, eh?

Then, we went to see the Reclining Buddha. It was absolutely gigantic, and it was really neat to see it in person!

Then we went back home for dinner and a movie. We watched Cast Away, with Tom Hanks, which was great because I hadn’t seen it in awhile and wanted to see it again. It’s not really one of those lighthearted, easy to watch movies, but I like it because it’s thought provoking.

The next morning, a group arrived from Canada (actually, the couple and one lady are only about an hour away from Waterloo, and the other lady is from India) and the next door family was going to show them around for a few days. We had breakfast together, and then I went to a different church from the other two weeks, and then we all went to Chatuchak market. This is the market I went to on my first Saturday here (I don’t think I knew the name of it back then…), and I enjoyed going around with my new friends and chatting with them! I picked up a few gifts for people, too!

Then, we went home and crashed. Well, I suppose that’s what we did… To be perfectly honest, we did so many things this weekend, I may have my nights mixed up or be forgetting something…

Monday, I went to language school like normal, and when I got back to NightLight, I found my new friends just finishing up their tour! So, I joined them for lunch and then ended up going with the group to MBK, which is sort of like a mix between a market and a mall. Again, I had so much fun chatting and getting to know these great people!

Oh – haha – I could tell you who they are, eh? haha! Their ministry website is here, and their trip blog is here. The couple, Ruth and Bob, are travelling with Eileen, who is a speaker, and Leelah, who is involved in women’s ministry in India. They are focused on women’s ministry and helping women to have a Godly sense of value, especially in cultures that do not attribute much value to women. At least, that’s my quick understanding of it… Oh, and they are also doing marriage-related seminars. (Please go to their blog to read what they’re really doing – they obviously do it more justice than I’m doing it here!!! haha)

After that, we had a great dinner at the Central Chidlom Food Loft, which was a great time for just relaxing and talking some more! Katie from NL joined us as well, which was really nice!

Then, they decided they had more energy stored up for even more shopping!!! So, we all went out to the Suan Lum night bazaar! I loved it because it was cooler (nighttime) and more spacious than the other markets we were at.

I spent more money this weekend than I have the entire trip so far (I mean in regards to personal expenses), but then I converted it all back to CAD and realized that I’d spent far, far, FAR less than I’d thought I had, and certainly not enough to feel badly about at all! And I got SO MANY beautiful things for people – honestly, I’m getting stoked to come home just so I can give people my gifts!!!

So that was my very busy but very fun weekend! I met great new people, I got to know the great couple next door better, I found great gifts for people, I saw more of Bangkok, and it was such a nice break!

This week in language, so far, we’ve learned how to tell time. My goodness – it’s pretty complicated… I was going to explain it tonight, but I am just too tired to write anymore! I’m going to get ready for bed now… 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

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