When Does a 40 km/h Feel Like a Nascar Race?

When you’re in a taxi driving down a busy street in Bangkok in the rain, dodging around cars, buses, motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians and anything else that happens to be in your way!!!

I had quite a wild ride home today! I was pretty sure, several times, we were going to smash into whatever type of vehicle happened to be in front of us!!! However, like a good Bangkok driver, my taxi driver expertly negotiated all obstacles and got me home in record time (saving me about 15 baht…!). He sang along to the radio, which was cute, and almost missed my turn (coming to a screeching halt in the second lane of traffic to turn just in the nick of time!)! At that point, he asked if I spoke Thai, so I told him I spoke a bit. Then, he started telling me things – like what he was doing (driving straight, etc.) – in Thai and having me say them. THEN, he made me practice rolling my r’s!!! 😛 I’m not very good at that, but usually if it’s in the middle of the sentence I can do a half decent job of it. However, when I said “rian phasaathay” (learning Thai), he made me repeat “rian” a million times! He’d say it with a nice long rrrrrrr, and I’d do something totally not right and start laughing. Then he’d laugh and do it again. Then he started saying other words that start with rrrrs and getting me to repeat them! It was fun, in a weird sort of way – mostly because that’s not a normal taxi ride home!!! 😛

I think I’m fighting a cold. I’m going to head to bed early tonight I think (haha… we’ll see!).

I’ve got plans to do some sightseeing tomorrow, which I am SO looking forward to!!!

I’m going to go take something and close my eyes for a bit… “So sleepy…” (a la Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday…)

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