Settling Into the Swing of Things

I had a great time at language class today! I can’t believe how much we’re learning, but I AM actually learning it! I now know how to tell my taxi driver how to “turn right” – which is important because once you get in our mubaan, you have to turn right twice to get to our house! I think we’re all a bit more relaxed now, too (at least I am!) – there was lots of laughter and “joking” (as best as you can in a very foreign language!) this morning, and I really enjoyed the learning. I’m looking forward to coming home and ‘showing off’. 😛

This afternoon was quite productive – I used a really good resource to help me put together a plan for this week’s esl classes. I’d like to come up with a game or activity to go along with it, and will put some thought into that tomorrow. I’m feeling much better this week about teaching. 🙂

This evening, we went out for dinner with the PAOC missionaries in the area. We went to a Thai restaurant (I ate a piece of shrimp patty!). It was definitely an “experience” restaurant! The restaurant building was surrounded by water with HUGE fish swimming around. To get to our table, we had to get in a traditional Thai boat and a man poled us over. It got dark quickly, and the scene was just beautiful…

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