The End of Another Week… :)

Well, it’s the end of another week!

This week, I taught my first esl class at the Thai church near NightLight. I enjoyed the people a lot (very friendly) and am looking forward to this experience! I’ve got a much better idea of how to prepare now that I’ve got the first classes out of the way! 🙂

I’ve almost finished an admin related task for NightLight. After a summer of school work but not ‘work’ work, I’m enjoying plugging away at whatever tasks come up! I like the feeling of being productive…
Language school is starting to be a bit less stressful! Hooray! I’ve bought a new notebook and am recopying my notes into it. This is a way I’ve found helps reinforce the learning for me. In addition to rewriting it, I’m also sorting it (vocab, grammar points, conversation scripts, etc., and thematically) which is helping me process the information again.

I’ve also started being quite deliberate about trying out new words and sentences outside of the classroom. Our homework requires us to ask vocab questions of Thai people (How do you say “shirt” in Thai?), so I’ve been asking some of the girls those questions. I also asked the fruit vendor how to say “pineapple” just for fun and he told me (I ended up forgetting it, but the point is I asked and he answered! haha).

Our homework for next week is to find out the address of an embassy and one thing that is close to it. I got assigned the Chinese embassy. I think this is kind of funny because how many people know the address of a random embassy? If someone stopped me on the street in Toronto and asked where the Chinese embassy was, I’d say “I have no clue…”. Oh well, I’ll figure it out! 😀

I find it interesting that the Thai way of saying “use/go on/surf/etc. the Internet” is “len” which means to play. You len baseball, len tennis, len piano and len Internet.

I also find it interesting that the Thai word for fish is “blaa”.

I like the fact that we are taught Thai using the phonetic alphabet. We used it a smidge in gr12 French, and I’m enjoying this opportunity to become much more familiar with it. It’s so handy when you need to know how to pronounce something in another language (or even in your own). However, I’ve become increasingly interested in the Thai script – I’m enjoying looking at the letters for words I know (like “baht”) and seeing if I can find them other places and associate a sound with them. I think I know the character for “aa” but I have yet to check with anyone… 🙂 I could be very wrong, but I’m having fun. 🙂
Okay, I just checked online and I’m right! 🙂

I also love when I hear familiar words while listening to Thai people talk. “Makes it all worth while now, doesn’t it?” 😛

This morning, we went to a nearby mall to pick up a few things. Wow – I don’t think I will ever get over how much stuff there is to look at here! Absolutely everywhere you go, there is so much to look at, so much for sale. It’s amazing. Actually, it’s amazing anyone makes any money… There are food vendors literally lining the streets – every street, regardless of how big or small it is (or at least it seems like!). There are people selling clothing, souvenirs, incense and flowers for idols, and anything else you can think of – everywhere!!!

Anyway, all of the malls here are the same way – they are all at least as huge as the Eaton Centre (and I’ve only ever been to the food court there, anyway…). These are the normal malls! There’s nothing like Conestoga or Fairview here – those are the equivalent of one floor of the malls here (all of the ones in which I’ve been so far have 7 floors). I just can’t get over how much stuff there is there. The shoe department of the department store we went in was about the size of 4 shoe stores in the malls at home. Then, around the mall, there were countless other shoe stores absolutely filled with shoes. Then, there were stalls (market style) filled with hundreds of shoes, too! I have never seen so many shoes in one building before. 😛

Right now, I’m going to plan my esl lessons for the week, and then I’m going to work on my Thai notes some more.

Have a great weekend!!!

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