Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday So Far…

Sunday, I went to church and really enjoyed it. The music was pretty much just like at home, only most people were singing in Thai! They did have English words and I knew almost all of the songs, so I could sing along! The sermon was translated through headphones, which is an interesting experience… We went for lunch afterward and then spent the rest of the day doing quiet, Sunday-ish sorts of things (I honestly can’t remember now… I think I wrote some emails, uploaded some pictures, etc…).

Monday I was busy at NightLight doing some admin-type jobs, which I loved… combing through data looking for things, etc. I find this pretty peaceful and relaxing, so I’ve enjoyed plugging away at this project. That’s what I’ve been up to today, as well, and likely for the next few days!

Tonight is my first outreach night. Tomorrow is my first language class. Thursday is my first ESL class. Friday, we’re off to Japan!

This week is going to fly by! 🙂

By the way… please feel free to leave comments or ask questions and I’ll be happy to respond to them! 🙂

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