The First End of the Week…

… but not the end of the first week. I feel like because it’s Friday, it’s the end of my first week here, but it’s not… Not that it really matters – just an observation (and I had no idea what else to title this post besides “What I Did Today”, and that’s kind of boring…).

So… what did I do today?

First, we headed off to NightLight devotions, which were all in Thai. I think Sandra is the only one who speaks in English and has an interpreter – the other days, it’s in Thai. I had fun looking at the script on the PowerPoint and listening to him read the passages, and trying to see if I could associate a sound to a character. I’m pretty sure I figured one out (it was at the end of every line), but, of course, I don’t remember it now. It’s just an “in the moment” activity! 😛 Evidently Thai has no punctuation like periods or commas; you just have to know when the sentence ends from the context. Also, the vowels can go on top of the word, or on either side, or on all three, or not be written at all, depending on the context. It sounds complicated to learn, but I would like to someday…

On that note, I start language classes next week in the mornings. I’m really looking forward to that!

After devotions, I did some photocopying and then went to work with the girls. I managed to make half a necklace before lunch time. This was a much longer necklace with much smaller beads than those we made yesterday – it was beautiful, though!

For lunch, Sandra took a couple of us (newer volunteers) out for lunch to a Lebanese restaurant (yummy!) to talk about culture, outreach and other details about being here. There is so much to learn and I’m really enjoying it…

In the afternoon, I did some data entry work, which I always enjoy. Then it was home, dinner, and a relaxing Friday evening. 🙂

This weekend, I’m looking forward to TAKING PICTURES!!! 😀 Yay!

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