Short Comments…

This is short and mostly about my flights. So far, I’m loving it here so much, but I’m tired and still sorting through so many new things that I’m not even sure where to start in describing or relating them, so I’m going to leave that part for another day… 🙂

Well, it’s the end of my first full day in Thailand! So far, I am really enjoying being here! This place is so incredibly beautiful… There is so much to look at everywhere. Lots of interesting buildings, beautiful trees and flowers, etc. I know I’ve only been here for one day, but I absolutely love it so far.

On the way here, I had no troubles on my flights at all. They all left pretty much on time, and they all landed reasonably close enough to the scheduled time (my final flight was actually early!). Both of the dinner flights, though, ran out of the chicken and pork dishes literally right before they served me (like the Brian Regan bit about airplanes!). The first meal, the only thing left was seafood curry. So… I plucked up, decided it was time to get on with the inevitable, and ate my first seafood. Completely. It had both shrimp and “shell” (shellfish? I asked the flight attendant and she said it was “shell”…). As I expected, it wasn’t so much the taste as the texture. Oi. I don’t even like jello because of the texture. However, I did it and I’m proud of myself!


On the next flight, they only had tuna left, and I just decided that I didn’t need the dinner enough to *struggle* through the tuna! 😛 I’d already had a Japanese pork and rice dish at the airport earlier, and I had a granola bar with me, so it was all good.

Once we landed, I had no problems at all getting through immigration and picking up my bags, and managed to get out to Peter and Sandra quite quickly! We waited to pick up another new volunteer for NightLight, too (she’s not doing the internship with Sandra like I am – just straight with NightLight). We came back to the house and pretty much went straight to sleep!

This morning, we had a very nice breakfast of pancakes, raspberries and mango. We then went down to NightLight and toured the facilities. I am so tired, and I have so much more to learn about NightLight, too, so anything I say now will not do it justice! Let’s just say I had a great time and was really impressed with everything I saw!!!


I napped a bit this afternoon, we had a great dinner, went for a walk, and then… now I’m writing this! I’m seriously going to have to go to bed now. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow – not sure what’s in store, but it will be good! 🙂

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