A Thought About Worship

I read a blog entry today on worshiping while on vacation .

I wrote the following in response to the article (nothing formal, just writing the brief version of my thoughts) and thought I would share it here. I have a lot more to say on the issue, but am trying to prioritize (haha…) so here’s the succinct version:

One summer, our family took several weeks off from our Pentecostal church to attend local churches from several other denominations. Now, we’d been to a couple of the churches before, such as Catholic, Anglican, and United (I think…?), but we also went to a Presbyterian church, a Greek Orthodox church (entirely in Greek) and an Egyptian Coptic church (which translated some of their liturgy into English).

The Coptic church was by far my favourite – the people were SO welcoming and friendly, and one of the men on stage (a deacon? elder? not sure what they’re called) kept coming back to us during the service to see if we had any questions. It was a really neat experience.

What was best of all was seeing how other Christians worship God. A lot of times, it seems like liturgical churches think that Evangelical churches are too informal (for lack of a better word) and Evangelical churches think that liturgical churches are too formal and caught up in procedure.

I think that they both have good points. On the one hand, God is a ‘friend’ and we are to be in close relationship with him, comfortable just talking to him and approaching him.

However, at the same time, he is still GOD and we are still to recognize him as sovereign, awesome and holy.

Evangelical services are good for reminding you that God is a friend. Liturgical services are good for reminding you that your friend is still GOD.

Incidentally, I feel the same way about hymns and choruses. They achieve different purposes and I really don’t like when someone writes off either one as unnecessary (too old or too new). But that’s another thought for another time… 🙂

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