Happy Birthday, Harley!

Today promises to be a good one! (Not like it’s been highly anticipated or anything… haha)

Yep, today is the day we go to BowFire!!!

But of course, that’s not the ONLY important thing happening today! 😛

It’s Harley’s birthday!!! Hooray! Bring out the uilleann pipes and a soft wind to carry their melody to his ears…

Harley is 21 today, and I’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to brag on him a bit!

Harley is probably the most interesting person you will ever meet! (And I do mean “interesting” in a great way, not that way where you use “interesting” as a euphemism for “I can’t think of anything good to say, so I’ll use ‘interesting’ and hope they take it as a good thing…” … not that I’ve ever done that before… ahem…)

Here are some things that are really great about Harley (not in any particular order – except the one in which I thought of them…):

Harley is a true Renaissance man – he is interested in so many different things in so many different fields. The cool thing is that not only is he interested in all sorts of things, but he also actually acts upon those interests and researches them. This means that he actually knows so many random and very interesting things. He’s looked at everything from sailing around the world, to air traffic controlling, to Farsi, to Svalbard, and thousands of other things, too. He’s got a great memory and actually remembers so much of what he reads, which makes him quite an interesting person!

Harley is also interesting because he likes to try new things. For example, a little while ago, I came home from school and asked Harley what he was up to. “Building a bowed psaltery,” he said, as though it was the most natural thing in the world! And you know what? I didn’t even bat an eye. Harley is always doing unique and original things with his time, and I think that is so cool. He’s definitely not a guy to sit around wasting time with video games and stuff like that – there are too many other things to learn about and try his hand at to waste time!

Harley has the best laughs in the world! He has such a great sense of humour and is so good at making us laugh, too! Harley is a very talented writer and, while he writes excellent “serious” things, he also writes absolutely hilarious stuff! I remember one day when I was living in residence in first year, I’d had a really rough day and just wished I could go home. Then, my mom called and asked if she could pick me up and bring me home for the evening! I was so excited! Then I found out why – Harley and Marilyn had had the day of school, so they made dinner (very unique menu, as always, when Harley cooks!) and then put on a show for us. They had rewritten Macbeth into an hysterical comedy (complete with a caber toss, and several other ‘additions’) that they performed themselves. We were left in absolute stitches watching the two of them perform… And there are so many other examples of just how funny he can be…

Harley is a really great brother. He is a real gentleman, too. He is so thoughtful and kind, and very fun to hang out with! There are so many examples to pick from… I remember back when I was in grade two or three and I got sick, he sat beside me on the couch and told me jokes so I’d forget I was sick… I remember when we used to play American Slaves running away from the Red Coats (we were really young, okay? we’ve since taken American history and got our wars all straightened out…!). We would take water, Thuringer summer sausage, and maybe some soda crackers, and go hide out in the ensuite bathroom for hours and hours… (That’s a weird story; I just threw it in there because I’m pretty sure no one else I know played slaves and red coats with their brother in their parents’ bathroom… with summer sausage, no less!)

Really, it is tricky to just sit down and think of specific examples of just why someone is so very special, because really, it’s who they are all together that makes them that great! And that’s the way it is with Harley!!!

So, Harley, I just want to say how incredibly blessed I am to have you for a brother! You are such an amazing person and I am so excited to see you continue to become all that God has planned for you to be!!!

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