I am so excited about things right now!!!

I had another great day at the Enrichment Centre. Honest to goodness, I am really going to miss being there. I am learning so much and growing so much. I did some anecdotal assessment of the class today (keeping notes about how the students are working/thinking, etc). I had some really great conversations with the teacher I was with today, too. This has been such a great week!!! Everyday, I am thinking more and more about “education” as a concept instead of simply teaching as a practice; I think that focusing on the concept of education then shapes your practice as a teacher. Just a thought… I’ve been thinking a lot lately! I am so enjoying thinking about things these days… It’s nice to have “real” things (of consequence) to think about… Makes me feel like a professional. 😉

I registered for my AQ courses, so I’m all ready to go on that front (once I graduate, and I’m pretty sure that’s not in jeopardy! haha…). I get to register for Primary ABQ on Monday. 😀

I’m getting really excited about my trip to Thailand this fall. The grade 7/8s at the Enrichment Centre do a Global Issues program, so a lot of what they’re talking about, and some books I’m reading, revolves around these big social justice issues that becoming more and more ‘real’ to me. I mean to say, I’ve always known about them, and even cared about them, but they are finally really becoming a part of my life and my thinking. Not in a negative way, like I’m always thinking about depressing things or anything. But honestly, I am so inspired by my growing awareness not just of the problems but of the SOLUTIONS and the HUGE number of people who are actively involved in actually working to make these issues ‘history’.

Reading books about people who are working to make a change is exciting. Seeing a school like the Enrichment Centre purpose to make every 7/8 student aware of these issues and how they can help to fix them is encouraging. Actually having the opportunity to go and be involved in an organization that is making a difference will be life changing. I am SO looking forward to this!!!

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