Enrichment Practicum Update

I had such a such a great day today!

Tuesday and Wednesday, we did Day One of a three day workshop on Islands with Grade 3/4s, so I got to see how it was all done. Today, we did Day One with another group of 3/4s, and I got to do pretty much everything all by myself! Oh my goodness – I had SO MUCH FUN!!!! This was my first substantial time in front of a class and it felt so good to be teaching again!

I got to give the students a tour of the school and then assigned and took up the scavenger hunt. After that, we learned about the different ways that islands can form. We drew a few little diagrams to help us remember what the new words meant (mongrove islands, atolls, barrier reefs, etc). After this, each student labeled a map with some criteria. When they finished this, they had some time to look at the atlas to find some islands.

Then, we read the book The Island of the Skog (or something to that effect). I love reading aloud – using expression and stopping for little discussions along the way… Right before we turn the page to find out what the Skog looks like, we stopped for a little activity to creatively draw our own ideas of what a skog looks like. The students today did such a great job with this activity! They were so focussed and engaged in everything we did all day!

Lastly, the students each chose an island on which to do a research project. I decided because some students seemed quite inclined to choose an island they already knew about, I would first tell them a bit about some obscure islands they hadn’t heard of so that they could get curious about researching new islands.

I told them about Tonga (fun to say!). The capital is Nuku’alofa, which is VERY fun to say! I must have done a good sales job on this island because three out of the ten students chose it! 😛

I also told them about Vanuatu, whose capital city is on an island called Funafuti – that got some giggles! 😉

One girl decided to do Kiribati when I pointed it out. It’s cool because lots of the islands are atolls – check them out on Google Earth (we had fun with that in class)! I mentioned that the person studying this island would have to know something VERY special… “Kiribati” is actually pronounced “kee re bus”! Isn’t that interesting? Some of their letters have different sounds.

And I shared a few in the Atlantic, too. So, the day was a smashing success! I had SO MUCH fun!!!

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