A Brief Reflection on the Con Ed Program

Looking back over the past four years of university, I am absolutely amazed at the breadth of experience I have had. I’ve been able to teach (to varying degrees) students in grades 2 to 8 in a variety of subject areas including Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Visual Arts, Core French, Language Arts Special Education and DPA. I have also been able to observe students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, in all of the above subject areas as well as Science, French Immersion, French Geography, History, Phys Ed, Music, and Reading Recovery. I have been in a school that just opened that year and was able to see what it is like to create a school identity from scratch. I have taught in a very high-class neighbourhood, and in a very blue collar neighbourhood. I got to witness what it is like to film one of those “how to teach…” videos that they show in Methods classes. This year I am going to be in an Enrichment school, and in a high school history class. I’ve been in a staffroom filled with enthusiastic and passionate teachers, and I’ve been in one filled with… more discouraging teachers. I’ve had the opportunity to sit and talk with a principal about what it is like to run a school – how to schedule, make class lists, etc., and how the hiring process works on their end. I’m so grateful for so many diverse experiences!

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