A Thought…

One thing my mom told me recently is that you don’t have to love everything you have to do in life.

And by not loving it, that doesn’t mean that you automatically hate it, either.

Some things you just do.

You just do them because you have to in order to get on with life.

Many people are prone to complaining about everything they do and let it really affect their mood. (I’m guilty here, too, so I’m not just saying this about other people…!)

Some people, in some sort of effort to overcome this pessimism, decide to “find the joy in everything”.

One problem here is that not everything has a joy in it. Sometimes the greatest thing about something is getting past it, which doesn’t much improve your attitude in doing it. And if you bank on one specific joy, if something turns out differently and that doesn’t end up happening, you’re worse off than you were before, and you’ll probably indulge in self-pity on top of that.

The other problem, the one my mom suggested is even more important, is that it shouldn’t matter whether something has a joy in it or not. Your day should not “make or break” based on whether or not you enjoyed doing everything in it.

At the end of a day that included extra homework, a forgotten lunch, and a phone call to CAA, your mood should still be one of contentment – not because you are lying to yourself saying things like, “well, at least…”, but because the state of your spirit (generally indicated by mood…) should not be affected by such ‘blowings of the wind’.

Of course, things like a death in the family or winning a free trip to the greatest place in the world will make a significant impact on your mood, and I’m not saying they shouldn’t! It’s good to feel and express emotions and what not.

What I’d suggest, though, is that we should all take care to make sure that the things affecting our spirit are actually things worthy of affecting our spirit.

Have a lot of homework? Hate sitting in classes with “ignorant professors” and “stupid peers”? Think being required to do “extra” work (for anything) is the most unfair thing ever? Hate commuting? Paying for textbooks? Incidental student fees?

I’d suggest you just realize that it’s part of how you get your degree (and all a part of life). That’s all there is to it. To be quite frank, it doesn’t matter what you think, it is the way it is, and it is that way for a reason. Even if you don’t agree with that reason, and even if the reason is wrong, it still needs to be done.

If you can’t live with that, then drop the program. Get a job. “Enjoy” your life.

Though I’d suggest that anywhere you work, play or live, you’re going to encounter the same things. We pay a community fee for living in our neighbourhood when we don’t really use any of the services. Do we try to get out of it? No. It’s part of living here. Do we get worked up and gripe and complain and ruin our day over paying it? No. It’s not worth it. We want the end result of living here.

When you find out that life is full of little things that are either not fair or irritating, you’ll probably wish you’d had a better attitude during your life because you’ll see that you ruined it by allowing normal things to ruin your day, day after day, until your whole life was ruined.

That’s pretty sad.

It’s more sad if you never figure it out.

However, if that’s the case, do me a favour and just try to keep the pessimistic, critical and negative thoughts to yourself. I just don’t need to hear any more of it…

In the meantime, I’m paying $300 to apply to be certified as a teacher because after spending $40 000 on my training, I’m not going to let $300 prevent me from being a teacher.

In the meantime, I’m paying $25.50 for Administration to process my application for graduation because I am NOT not graduating after all the time and effort I put into this program.

In the meantime, I’m completing my final assignments with as much effort and energy as I completed the first ones regardless of how ’stupid’ they may be because I am NOT letting my grades fall right before I finish my program. (And I don’t think they are ’stupid’.)

In other words, I’m living the life I’m supposed to live and not allowing silly little things like homework, professors, work, people, and other things to control me and ruin my life.

To clarify, I’m NOT talking about being artificially cheerful. Not Pollyanna Positive. Not blissfully ignorant.

Just wise.

Wise about what I let affect me, and affect my spirit and consequently the way I treat those around me.


I hope all of this came out the way I intended.

If you read this and think I’m talking about you,

1) pray about it – you’ll end up the better for it, I promise.

2) don’t take it personally – I say in all honesty I am NOT talking about anyone in particular. Remember, I am around dozens and dozens of students who complain about life on a regular basis. Don’t flatter yourself so much to think that I’d write this all about you. 😉

God bless.

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