“I Belong To You”

I had an interesting thought this morning at church. We were singing “I Belong To You” (I belong to You, Lord, I belong to You / You have called me by name and I belong to You…). Maybe this isn’t new to anyone else, but I thought about the song differently today.

Usually, I’ve always taken this song to be a declaration to myself, reminding myself that I belong to God, which is just fine. However, today, when I heard those words, I was struck with the impression that this song is also (maybe firstly?) a declaration to GOD of my commitment to Him. What I’m saying is that, regardless of what I’m feeling like at the moment or doing at any particular time, I am CHOOSING DELIBERATELY to belong to and give myself completely to God. Of my own free will, I am telling God that “I belong to You.” This song isn’t just another feel-good, “yeah, I belong to God”, song, but rather it is (for me) a song for GOD telling Him that I am choosing to become His and accepting all that goes with it (huge implications, if you think about it and allow yourself to be challenged).

Not sure I described accurately enough to convey what I got out of it; it’s kind of hard to find words to describe some things, especially when they’re so… meaningful. But, there’s a thought to meditate upon this week.

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